Mission, Vision, & Values


The Lonoke Planning & Zoning Commission serves all of our neighbors and guides a process of healthy growth in Lonoke by leveraging our diverse backgrounds and collective expertise in planning, design, real estate, and public works to protect the health, safety, and welfare of the community.

The Lonoke Planning & Zoning Commission advocates policy and development that connects neighbors and removes barriers to unity and accessibility.

The Lonoke Planning & Zoning Commission champions historic Downtown Lonoke with decisions and recommendations that encourage its renewal and vibrancy as a means of promoting and creating a successful, prosperous community. 


We envision a UNIFIED and CONNECTED Lonoke...

...connected to our neighbors by a spirit of unity and cooperation, accessible sidewalks, green space, and walkable streetscapes

...connected to our region and state by economic adaptability and logistical diversity.


  • We value transparency and openness in conducting our duties as Commissioners.

  • We welcome public input with a collaborative spirit.

  • We value the uniform application of the city's development code without prejudice or predication on past practice.

  • We value opportunity and prosperity for Lonoke's future generations that follow by ensuring that temporary gains for this generation are not given undue preference.

  • We are mindful that development has an impact on every aspect of our community.

  • We value an emphasis on educating our neighbors regarding issues of public safety.

  • We recognize Downtown Lonoke as the historic heart of our community.

  • We believe that every neighborhood in Lonoke matters.