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Recap of June 2016 Regular Meeting Discussion

posted Jul 17, 2016, 8:26 AM by Ryan Biles
The Lonoke Planning Commission is committed to serving all of our neighbors and guiding a process of healthy growth in our town by leveraging our diverse backgrounds and collective expertise in planning, design, real estate, and public works to protect the health, safety, and welfare of the community.

During our most recent meeting on June 20, the Commissioners began an educational process regarding the five planning elements of DISTRICTS, NODES, PATHS, LANDMARKS, AND EDGES, and conducted an exercise that examined our current city map to identify existing elements and potential areas of enhancement.  The workshop proved to be informative, instructional, and spark an enlightening conversation of shared memories and recollections about historic downtown Lonoke as the heart of our community.  

Below is a brief summary of the topics of conversation:
  • We looked at Lonoke in light of where our landmarks, nodes, paths, districts, and edges are located
  • We noted the importance of our city parks and ballfields to our economy, to our community, and to our children
  • We began to look at the potential for developing a "recreation district" adjacent to downtown and the walking trail, where a ball field, fishing pond, and other activities would be located within walking distance of our residential neighborhoods
  • We talked about the possibility of locating a new movie theater near downtown and creating a destination / anchor for the community
  • We briefly touched on the concept of "placemaking" - utilizing forward-thinking plans and principles to designate and celebrate locations (nodes, districts, etc.) that bring neighbors together in a common space to create and share the benefits of community

Perhaps most importantly, the Commissioners began to consider and share what each of us feel like makes Lonoke unique - the elements of "local distinctiveness," as planner Victor Dover talks about.

During the July meeting, our workshop discussion will continue.  As a collaborative Commission which values public input, we invite our entire community to join and hear more of the creative vision that is emerging from your Planning Commision.