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Public Hearing Regarding In-Home Daycare in R-1 Zone Prior to August Meeting

posted Aug 14, 2016, 2:54 PM by Ryan Biles   [ updated Aug 14, 2016, 3:12 PM ]
The Lonoke Planning & Zoning Commission will hold a Public Hearing on August 15, in follow-up to last month's discussion of in-home daycare in the R-1 zoning district.  Draft language of two different proposals will be presented for any citizens in attendance to provide perspective and opinion.  During the public hearing, the Commssion and staff will be available to answer clarifiying questions, but will limit Commissioners' comments to the official discussion of the matter on the agenda for the regular monthly meeting, which will open immediately following the conclusion of the public hearing.  This procedure will ensure that a climate of open discussion and expression is encouraged among our neighbors and citizens in attendance and an orderly sequence of business is preserved.

The attached language essentially provides two different paths for consideration, summarized below:

A 'DAYCARE FAMILY HOME' (currently defined as "a situation, arrangement, or agreement by which one or more persons cares for six (6) to sixteen (16) children from more than one family") shall be permitted BY CONDITIONAL USE in R-1 Residential Zone.  This would require any proposed operation fitting the classification of 'DAYCARE FAMILY HOME' to be considered for approval by the Planning & Zoning Commission on a case-by-case basis.  

CURRENTLY, Lonoke's Unified Development Code does not permit Daycare Family Homes in R-1, only Residential Home Daycare, which limits the total number of children to 5 in R-1 zone.

The current uses permitted and restricted in R-1 would remain intact, with the thresholds re-aligned to define 'DAYCARE FAMILY HOME' as 11-16 children, and 'RESIDENTIAL HOME DAYCARE' as 10 or less children.

Citizens of all the neighborhoods in Lonoke should expect their Planning & Zoning Commission to uphold the core value of "welcoming public input with a collaborative spirit."  It is the Commission's honor to serve all of our neighbors and welcome you to each monthly meeting and public hearing.  When you arrive, your Commission will be prepared to hear your voice.

Ryan Biles,
Aug 14, 2016, 2:56 PM